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Life of a Drama Queen- Rib Cracking Joke of Life Part- 2

  Life of a Drama Queen- Rib Cracking Joke of Life Part- 1 You know how they create a bullet time in films where the time and space is suspended, detached from real time and life… at that moment I... Continue Reading →


Life of a Drama Queen- Rib Cracking Joke of Life Part- 1

Exams and I seem have a love-hate relationship. Actually no, it’s one hundred percent hate-hate relationship. Once is fluke, twice is co-incidence, thrice is fate but every time- is a pure evil joke the universe plays! My life is one... Continue Reading →

Life of a Drama Queen- Ear Ear!

I have always been the odd one out since I was a kid. I could never understand why girls giggle (I still can’t!), or why they walk in herds or how one becomes the queen and the others swarm around... Continue Reading →

Neera Chopra: I Protected My Daughter as Every Parent Should

Being a single mother struggling and striving to give my daughter the world, I truely can relate… Hats off to such strong women!


Miss-India-World-Pooja-Chopra In 2009 Pooja Chopra was crowned “Miss India World.” On receiving her titleshe said, “Today, as I stand here a Miss India, I don’t even know if my father knows that it is me, his daughter, who has set out to conquer the world, a crown on my head.”

The truth is, that Pooja Chopra could have been one of the millions of little girls who are killed after birth in India, simply because they were born as girls!She lived because her mother Neera Chopra refused to give in to the pressure to kill her, and chose instead to endure tremendous hardship to protect and raise her daughters.

Most assume, it is poverty and illiteracy that compels parents in India to kill their girl babies.  But that is a fallacy! In fact the only strata in India where the gender ratio is normal is…

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How to Make a Bomb…

I was browsing through the internet, just to kill time while I waited for my friend in a café. A couple of students were sitting on the next table and were discussing a chapter of chemistry. Their conversation reminded me... Continue Reading →

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