Life Of A Drama Queen: Fresher’s Fiasco Part 1

The evening sky turned dark and the floodlights came on. The seniors-slash-organizers-slash-performers were doing their thing. My classmates were enjoying to the fullest… and I… I was busy consoling my friend whose face threatened to explode into a scene-creating-crying-fest! BTW, both of these two friends are married now. So, in order to avoid some pretty awkward questions from their wives, I’ll use pseudonyms Mr. X for my heart broken friend and Mr. Y for my other friend. Mr. X and I were in the same class and new to the school. But Mr. Y was in the same school since childhood and in a different section than ours’. So obviously he had a larger friend circle and was busy socializing and… umm… ‘bird-watching.’ I kept X company donning my Agony Aunt avatar, listening to a jilted lover’s lament. I didn’t know what love was then, neither could I understand his pain, but I did feel sorry for my friend. As I sat there, helpless, cursing Y silently for deserting an incompetent me to comfort X, Y came prancing and flopped down on a chair on the other side of X. I heaved a sigh of relief. He’d know what to do with the love-struck fool! I was hungry and thirsty. Leaving the two boys, I got up to go to the drinking taps of our school. Once I quenched my thirst, I filled up the plastic cup I had picked up on the way, hoping a draught of cool water would help my friend.

Since the basketball court was the only place being used that night, the rest of the school was covered in partial darkness. Knowing my clumsy self very well, I walked slowly and carefully and I succeeded in reaching the basketball court- turned- party ground without any incident. I was on the perimeter of the lit court. The empty stage was on my left. The seniors were probably taking a break, or were done with their program, I had no idea. I had missed everything, thanks to X!  I could see my two friends sitting in the second row. I started towards them, “Hey! I brought wa…” The cup of water flew out of my hand. The ground shot towards me. My foot got caught on a bunch of wires leading from the stage and I tripped! The concrete ground wasn’t coming towards me; rather gravity was doing its work, pretty fast… my arms flailing… THUD! I fell! Flat on my face…


Life Of A Drama Queen: Fresher’s Fiasco PART 3

Written by-

Rinkkini D